Photobooths Convert Horse Box into Photo Booth

Photobooths had an interesting conversion this week, completing the first of it’s kind, a Rice Richardson Horse Trailer!

The Horse Box had already undergone a massive renovation to become branded the Old Bean Photo Booth, including new green spray paint and new graphics all tied in to the country / victorian theme.

Photobooths installed the latest photo booth equipment and software inside the horse box, enclosed in the form of a wooden effect selfie pod. Guests can climb on board this authentic horse box and cosy down on a rustic leather sofa to get their pictures taken.

We have kitted the Horse Box Photo Booth out with a Canon Digital SLR Camera, as well as a HD Webcam to allow guests to not only take pictures, but also record videos too.

Using our exclusively developed Photo Booth software, the Old Bean Photo Booth has also been equipped with a green screen curtain, allowing guests to take green screen photos with custom backgrounds.

We think the Old Bean Photo Booth is going to be incredibly popular, especially in the outdoor and country market. Take a look at some of the photos we took in the photo gallery below:

Horse Box Photo Booth

Do you have something you would like to get converted into a photo booth? Get in contact with us.


About Old Bean Photo Booths
A Uniquely British portable Photo Booth Service utilising a fabulously vintage Rice Horse Trailer. Based in Shropshire, Old Bean Photo Booths provide a premium photo booth experience, with all the bells and whistles along with the real deal vintage and antique props!

Photo Gallery

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