Relocation Update

Back in January Photobooths relocated to Excelsior House, Halesowen as part of 2017 expansion plans. The relocation has not only provided  five times more working space, it has also allowed the factory and offices to merge together to improve collaborative working.

Of course moving into a new building has had it’s obstacles, leaks in roof, no central heating! But Photobooths has already invested more than £1.5m to make the new premises fit for a recognised worldwide company.

The showroom was the first part of the building to be renovated, including new stud walls, new carpet, new lighting, and new central heating!

A few months later, work is still continuing to take place at the new premises, but the team at Photobooths are finally settled down and are certainly steaming ahead.

So far in 2017 Photobooths has released more than 8 new products including LED SteelPod Pro, Combi Magic Mirror Booth, and the iPad Photo Booth.

We have also exhibited at 2 shows in the space of 3 months including The Photography Show, and Deal Dubai, with more global shows on the horizon.

Take a look around our factory:

Take a look around our showroom:

The next part of renovation from Photobooths will include the demolition and redevelopment of the building adjacent to the new offices.

As seen in Business News Today, Photobooths was fortunate enough to receive financial support from HSBC, which has not only helped with redevelopment, but also enabled us to continue to grow and help us enter new and exciting markets.