Why an event robot will engage
your guests more than the
old-fashioned photobooth

Thinking about hiring in a photobooth for your next event? Think again! If you want to keep ahead of the curve and really engage and delight your guests, then it’s time to up your game and use the services of the Eva photography robot!

Robotics are now impacting on every part of our lives, and service robots are becoming highly popular at engagement events. Whether you are hosting a promo, a press launch, a customer event or a large corporate do, the Eva photography robot offers plenty of advantages over the old-fashioned photo booth.

The advantages of choosing a photography robot at your event

The roaming robot immediately interests and engages your guests in a way that no static booth ever can.

Using cutting-edge facial recognition technology, the robot will identify your guests and delight them by asking each attendee – personally – if they would like their photo taken.

Upload images to social media

‘Eva’ also has full integration with social media, image upload and print facilities. This means that your guests can have their photo taken whilst the event is in progress and immediately upload it to their social media accounts. Remember to give them a hashtag so that they can tag your occasion and create a real buzz about the event and its high tech robotics!

Print photos automatically

For those guests who prefer to take home a hard copy memory, there is the option to print off photos in the print room booth. This can also be fully branded up for the complete experience. As the event’s hosts, you have full control over the experience that you offer, providing photography paper and even branded photo frames if you wish. If you want the full effect, then you could put on promo staff on the night to help accompany Eva, show guests how to use the simple and interactive touchscreen and organise photo print offs. This will mean that your event attendees can simply enjoy the buzz and the presence of these fun and quirky event robots!

Options to buy or hire

Even better, you can choose to hire or buy the Eva photography robot according to your needs and the number of events you typically put on. There’s no doubt that the investment will be a great one though, in terms of brand engagement, PR and social ‘buzz’, attendee involvement, and those all important event conversions and ROI.

Contact us to find out more and to arrange a free demo of the amazing photo-taking Eva!