5 Ways A Photobooth Business Can
Grow Their Income…

As the marketing guy for the UK’s leading photobooth business, one of the most common questions I get asked is “How Can I Grow My Photobooth Business?”.

Now marketing does play a big part in the growth of a photobooth business just as it does any other business. However there are a number of other options open to booth owners and operators that are also worthy of serious consideration.

Here I look at 5 ways as a photobooth business you can grow your income using a mix of online marketing and product expansion/diversification.

1. Word Of Mouth

Most entrepreneurs talk about “word of mouth” (WOM) being their marketing utopia. After-all who wouldn’t want to get “free” marketing.

However many also miss the point of “word of mouth”. To ensure as a business owner you have any chance of riding such a wave your need to do something, actually lots of things that “Are Worth Talking About!”

This is the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make in seeking the benefit of WOM – they don’t actually do anything that their customers would want to talk about let alone become an advocate of.

So to ensure that your business benefits from WOM take a look at each point a customer has the opportunity to engage with you or your business and think “what can we do” to really impress this customer.

Think about how you can under promise, yet over deliver – think “If I was the customer – what would WOW me?” Only then will you get anywhere close to being able to benefit from true WOM.

2. Photobooth Business Product Bolt-ons


Most photobooth businesses will work on the model of a fixed price hire for an agreed period which includes unlimited free photos for the duration of the hire. It is however worth reviewing your model from time to time.

Have a think on how you could use the photos that are printed to drive additional income. One way I have seen work extremely well is the sale of photo keyrings at anything  from £1 to £5 per keyring. You could even consider doing an income share deal with the person or company hiring the booth as an added incentive for them to book.

Adding keyrings to your offering is also very simple – all you need is a supply of perspex keyrings and a keyring photo cutter and you are away.

3. Review Your Photobooth Software

This might not seem obvious but take a look at the last time your photobooth software was updated with new features. Is your software keeping up or even ahead of the market. Do the features of your booth software allow you to expand your business into other markets.

Some of the latest developments in photobooth software that enable owners to keep themselves at the forefront of the market and therefore more attractive to potential customers includes:

  • Green Screen Video
  • Facial Recognition Props
  • “Videoke”
  • Video and Touchscreen Surveys

The first three can be equally attractive to your consumer market as well as some corporate events and give you the advantage when customers are comparing quotes and offers.

The last one in the list above is a very interesting one, in that it can open up significant new untapped income streams in the corporate market.

So although a review of your software might not seem an obvious way to increase your income if is definitely worth doing.

4. Make Use Of Idle Days

When first starting out in your business you are bound to have “idle days”. These are days when your booth has not been booked out. Now there are various things you can do on such days within your business, especially at the weekends. Here’s a list of some of them that could make a major difference to your business:

  • Offer your booth FREE to a local charity event – not only will this give you further exposure to potential new customers it might also get you some local publicity if the event is being covered by the local media
  • Spend time reviewing your adwords campaigns. Research shows fewer than 1% of small businesses review their adwords each week. Most just set it and leave it, wasting considerable marketing spend in the process
  • Build your social media community. Spend the time actively engaging with potential customers and influencers. Do NOT however just spend this valuable time pushing out your own promotional messages. Imagine you were on the receiving end – what would you prefer – engagement or advertising?

5. Extend Your Product Offering

As a photo booth business owner you are now in the events and entertainment business. Think about how you can extend your offering. What additional products or services can you add to your portfolio?

Examples include offering a booth and candy cart package to a bride and groom for their wedding. Extending your market place into children’s parties with a Kids sized photo booth. Here, depending on your booth supplier you might only need to purchase the frame and skins and use the equipment from your regular booth.

For corporate events, promotions and exhibitions you can look at other types of attractions such as the portable “Grab A Grand” Money Grabber machines or even a portable bar system.

I hope this article has given you some food for thought on some of the many ways as a photo booth business you can develop and grow your income this year and beyond.

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