5 Ways To Use A Table Photobooth
[To Grow Your Business in 2023]

How To Grow A Photobooth Business Using Table Photobooths

Are you looking for ways to grow your photobooth or other events-based business?

Whether you’re already established or just starting out you will no doubt be looking for new and exciting ways to expand your business.

Here we guide you through some real-world examples of how you can use a single Table Photobooth to immediately start adding additional revenue interest to your business.

What Are Table Photobooths?

The main use for Table Photobooths is weddings, award dinners, or other dining-based events with guests seated around the table. And this is where, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words:

Examples of what a table photobooth looks like - a picture paints a thousand words

With the Table Photobooth as the centrepiece on the table it can be rotated around the table to capture photos of groups of guests together in moments and poses that would ordinarily be missed during the event.

The Table Photobooth is the modern-day equivalent of the single-use cameras you used to see on the tables at events. The difference being is that you can now have instant prints and sharable photos as soon as they have been snapped.

Ideas To Use a Single Table Photobooth

Whilst the ideal scenario is to have one on each table at the event, for those looking to invest in and test a single unit here are some great ideas to get you started and generate more bookings and income for your business.

1.     The Top Table

If you are supplying another service at a wedding a photobooth or DJ etc, offer your single Table Photobooth either free of charge or at a low cost to have on the bride and grooms’ table.

When you think about the people less likely to have their mobile phones on them on the big day will be the newlyweds and maybe best man and bridesmaids. They can then use the Table Photobooth to capture special moments with different friends and family over the course of the wedding meal and after.

Also not forgetting that at most weddings there will be more future brides and grooms to be, as well as others that will have an influence in marketing and event organising.

Here’s an example of how you could provide a unique and competitive offer:

A low-price competitor offers a magic mirror or photobooth hire at £399 for 3 hours. Instead of simply competing on price, you offer a magic mirror or photobooth together with a table photobooth for 6 hours at £499 -£599.

You are not only catching the photos at the table with no printing but also upselling the magic mirror or photo booth service you offer.

And the extra cost £50 in labour, is easily compensated for by the extra profit of £150. Additionally, you are extremely well placed for an uplift in bookings (usually around 30%) because you offer a different and unique package.

Table Photobooth in centre of round table

2.     At The Reception

Most events will have a drinks reception of some kind. What better way to help break the ice and get things buzzing than to have a Table Photobooth on a tall table or at the end of the bar so that guests can gather around using the Table Photobooth prior to the main event.

This is guaranteed to generate interest and with some well-placed business cards or leaflets (with prior permission), plenty of potential future business opportunities.

3.     As a Point of Promotion

And for those events where there isn’t a reception or a top table, the Table Photobooth can still be used to great effect as a Point of Promotion next to the service you are providing. With its highly attractive display and LED lighting, it serves as a great place for your business cards or leaflets and a great talking point to further promote your business.

4.     At Local Wedding and Event Fairs

Another great idea that we have seen work well is providing the Table Photobooth to the organisers of weddings or events fairs you are attending. You can either have it next to your own stand or another suitable location within the event and have the photos jointly branded with the event organisers.

This will not only provide great value to the fair organisers, but all give your business longer-lasting and wider exposure to the attendees and their friends and family (via social media sharing).

5.     On Your Website & Social Media

Using any or all of the opportunities above, on each occasion be sure to get some photos an videos of the Table Photobooth in use. You can then use this on your website and social media to promote it as an additional service you provide to generate more interest in your services.

Using all the opportunities above, together with any others that come your way it is possible to expand and grow your business and finance the purchase of additional Table Photobooths purely on the future bookings, generated by these ideas.

In conclusion, table photobooths are a great way to add a unique and interactive element to events and can be used as a powerful marketing tool to help grow your photobooth hire or other events-based business.

By offering a table photobooth as an add-on service, creating a branded experience, using social media to promote your business, and gathering customer feedback, you can increase the value of your services and attract a wider range of clients. With the right strategy, starting with a single table photobooth can be a valuable asset to your business and help to drive growth and success.


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