9 Reasons To Start Your Own
Photo Booth Business

More and more people are deciding to become self employed and start their own business. One of the easiest businesses to start is a photo booth business.  It’s one of the most desirable start up business due to its low operational costs and easy set up. However make sure you choose your supplier wisely!

Here are 9 reasons why you should start your own photo booth business:

1. They’re in demand and still in need of supply!
Photo Booths are becoming more and more popular, and despite being around for some time now, people are still new to the concept and latching on. There are even more events photo booths are being taken too – any one been to a divorce party?

2. It’s easy!
If you know how to turn a computer on, upload a picture, insert a USB stick it doesn’t get much more complex. You don’t need any experience what so ever.

3. Be your own boss
Because who likes being told what to do?

4. Free up your days
Most events are in the evenings, therefore free up your days to do something more productive, like visiting the local health club.

5. Low outgoing costs
Paper/Ink, Petrol, maybe a USB stick, it’s all pennies in comparison to what you can bring in!

6. High profits
Low outgoing costs means higher profit margins. Earn anywhere from £300 upwards profit per event.

7. Easy to promote
Get yourself online with a website and social media account, you won’t need to do much else!

8. Join the party!
It’s like the nice way of wedding crashing, supply the event with a photo booth and get all the perks from the event – good music and potentially free food. Did someone say CAKE!

9. Meet the famous
You might even get the chance to host a photo booth for someone famous, from footballers to actors to musicians, even Kim Kardashian has had a photo booth!

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