Big News! Photobooths now
supplies ALL Photo Booth
software! are pleased to announce, that after 6 years of trading with our unique photo booth software, we are now working in collaboration with ALL photo booth software partners, to offer our customers the best photo booth package tailored to their individual capabilities!

Social Booth, Dark Room and Breeze Systems are all now all available on our industry leading photo booths, as an alternative to our unique photo booth software for Windows or Mac.

We understand that everyone has individual technological capabilities, therefore some photo booth softwares can be more favourable. Whilst our in house developed software is perfect for new business starters, more technologically abled may be interested in others.

Build your photo booth package with our industry leading photo booths

PLUS your choice of photo booth software

We will have all photo booth software demonstrated on all of our photo booths in our showroom. Feel free to book an appointment to visit us.

About our photo booth frames

From prototype to perfection.

Our aluminium frame photo booths have undergone extensive development and testing to ensure they are the best photo booth frames in the market. They have been tested by The University of Coventry to scientifically be the strongest and most durable frame in comparison to many other photo booth frames.

Made in the UK
Industry leading
Patent protected design
Tested by the University of Coventry
Lifetime guarantee
Lightweight yet robust
Easy to transport
Assembled in 20 minutes
Fits into the back of a small hatchback car
Can be half assembled into a pod

Now with your choice of software

So you may have some questions…

Why are we offering other photo booth software?

There are two reasons we have decided to stock photo booths with alternative photo booth software. Firstly, we have become overly impressed with other photo booth software on the market, and although there are many advantages of using our own software, we want to be able to offer our customers a choice. Secondly, our range of customer’s technical ability varies, and whilst the majority of our customers love our software for it’s ease of use, some advanced computer users may prefer software more technical.