Increase Your Photo Booth

When owning a photo booth one of the considerations you should have is “how do I get enquiries?”.

A long term strategy you should always undertake is to optimise your website for natural search engines such as google and yahoo.

If you have enough knowledge this can be done by yourself, you can use self tutorial videos on you tube to help but it is a minefield with lots of opinions.

You can employ an seo company or consultant to undertake this work for you, make sure you do your research when doing this as there are lots out there and some are ready to take your cash with very little work to show for it.

You should also join wedding directories to get exposure such as Wedding Assistant is a directory but also a lead generator so you get exposure and also emails of active couples looking for a photo booth for you to quote directly.

Paid advertising shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when your website isn’t showing in google searches. PPC (Pay per click) is fairly simple to set up and you can start appearing immediately on the first page of google for the search terms that are relevant. It can be expensive but if your website is visually good and informative and you offer a good service and price you will start to get enquiries.

Finally Facebook sponsored advertising is also something to consider. The leads you get may not be as frequent or as good quality as ppc as Facebook is putting your service in front of people that are not searching for it  whereas google is putting it in front of people that are searching for it, but it’s cheaper and can get you enquires.