Rent a LED Inflatable Photo

Hire the inflatable LED Photo Booth to give your party an extra boost of fun. The photo booth is great for small spaces and our staff will be able to set it up in just a few just a few minutes.

It is also possible to illuminate the photo booth by using LED lighting to create a stunning appearance.

 ED Inflatable Photo Booth Rentals Include:

Rent a LED Inflatable Photo booth  


Everyone had a delight in the photo booth during our wedding on the weekend. The event was an absolute hit! 

 The LED-inflatable Photo Booth offers a different style for your event

Inflatable Photo booth  

Rent our most recent booth The Inflatable photo booth with LED! Its Snow White color and Sleek lines The inflatable booth looks fantastic at any occasion! It is possible to add visual excitement by illuminating the booth with LED lighting. provides a range of colors that will match any theme!

Our photo booth inflatable can accommodate up to eight persons and is an ideal rental option for your next event If you’re looking to take large group shots.

After entering the enclosure for the photo booth the guests can enjoy themselves while taking an unforgettable photo!

It is possible to really let loose and have fun by using this photobooth because it is their personal area, which is enclosed.

If the space in your venue is not enough or you require an easy setup then this is the ideal Photo Booth rental! It requires only an 8’x8 inches space as well as staff can put it up in just a only a few minutes.

You can also consider the red carpet rental with velvet ropes for an exclusive photo shoot to your attendees. The red carpet upgrade is an excellent way to add more flair to your party!

 Why Pick the LED Inflatable Photo Booth  

Hire an inflatable photo booth for your next occasion. The inflatable Photobooths with LED Photobooths are the ideal photo booth rental option for occasions and parties in tiny areas.

This inflatable booth can be set up in a matter of minutes, and looks fantastic at any location.

Thanks to the LED’s bright light, you can select a design that will match your celebration and provide a wonderful party vibe and ambience. offers locations throughout the UK that offer the photo booth with LED lights.  

Contact for a discussion of your event and rent an lighting Inflatable Photo Booth to host your next event no matter if it’s a simple wedding, birthday or even multi-day conferences or sporting occasions! also provides props with themes for your event. also provides props with themes for your event. Get in touch with us right away if you are interested in hiring a PhotoBooth of your choice.