Many New Products Will Enter The
Photo Booth market

The photo booth is still very much alive and well when it comes to parties and events but it’s been a tough time for everyone in the industry, not only has the event industry practically shut down for well over a year, there has been no certainty when things are going to improve.

Hopefully now for all photo booth hire companies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with events once again being organized and a positive feeling all round, Photo booth owners can once again prepare hopefully for a busier season ahead.

We all know that things will be different for a while and whilst many events and parties will take place, many larger gatherings will be conducted outside and this means that many photo booths will also be situated outdoors at many events.

We are also going to see many other different products come onto the market and one of those products is the table selfie. Table selfies are an ideal way to capture group photo’s especially during a wedding meal and they are excellent for capturing those candid moments.

The table selfie is very similar to the photo booth, it can take as many photo’s as your guests want and can capture many guests in one picture. Table selfies are great because they can be situated on tables and the party host can let the guests get on with having fun and taking photos.

Much like the photo booth, the table selfie provides endless photo’s at the end of the evening for the party host to take home and many party hosts hire the table selfie and the photo booth as a package for their event or wedding.  The table selfie is great for capturing those day time memories whilst the photo booth will take care of the evening celebrations.

Although this year has been incredibly tough especially for the events industry, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel and if Photo booth hire companies are willing to experiment with new products and adapt to the changes needed they could do incredibly well.