PB Pro Portable Photo Booth
Software Update

Our software development team has been keeping very busy in the lab over the last couple of months to bring you the latest developments in PB Pro our bespoke Portable Photo Booth Software. First launched in 2011 specifically for the Photo Booth operator market PB Pro has maintained its position as one of the leading Photo Booth Software Packages through this programme of continued development. In this post we highlight some of the most recent features and enhancements:

Recent PB Pro Photo Booth Software Updates:

  • Strip Printing on SLR Cameras
  • Angles for Group Shots
  • Save Custom Layouts and Load Custom Layouts
  • Custom Layout For 4up SLR
  • Rotatable Images as well as resizing and position for 4 UP SLR
  • New Fast Processing Technology for SLR Green Screen
  • Single and 4 Up Images (using Multiple One settings) for SLR Green Screen
  • PB Face Recognition & Image Overlay Final Testing
  • Copy to USB including current event identification
  • Previews of Overlay Graphics in Templates
  • Custom positioning and Sizing of Four Up images on SLR Shots.
  • Custom positioning and Sizing of Four Up images on Group Shots.
  • DSLR Green Screen or Webcam green screen if required.
  • DSLR Green Screen Updated Selection and Turned off features when processing green screen final image.
  • Changed USB copy code to copy asynchronously with pop-up warnings/dialogues.
  • App created for onscreen Facial Recognition (PB Face)
  • Live Preview of Image/Text/Color Preview in Templates.
  • Added option for uploads to go through custom Facebook App (Charge Applies for the App).

For more details of PB Pro simply take a look at our website page – Photo Booth Software PB Pro.


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