Photo Booths Or Magic Mirrors.

With the event market picking up and things looking much more positive for next year, Photo booth hire companies are starting to think about ways to boost a much needed income. Next year is certainly a good time to start thinking about a business in the events Industry and those wanting to start a photo booth Company will want to be sure to hit the ground running.

Choosing whether to purchase a Photo booth or a Magic Mirror will be one of the first decisions to make, that along with choosing a reputable company that cannot just provide the equipment but guide you through the process of marketing and advertising your Company.

When choosing to purchase a Photo booth or Magic Mirror, it can almost feel like you are a little spoilt for choice.  There is such a massive selection of both Magic Mirrors and photo booths in which to choose from.

There are certainly differences between both the Magic Mirror and the Photo Booth but what you have to remember is that they both really do the same thing. They both take Photo’s, print photos and provide not only a great source of entertainment but lasting memories.

The choice really comes down to personal choice on what you like and what you feel will fit best into your business model. The Photo Booth was the original and many still associate it with the must have item for their event or party.  The Photo Booth over the years has improved dramatically not only in the functions it can operate but advancements in software mean it can perform many more functions as well as producing very high quality res images.

Mirror,  Mirror on the wall, the magic mirror is known for its glamour and although its functions are very similar to the enclosed Photo Booth,  some feel it adds much glamour aesthetically to any event. The magic mirror is famed for its interaction with guests, offering interactive voices and screen graphics.

Although both the Magic Mirror and the Photo Booth largely perform the same tasks, they look very different and it is down to personal choice which one you choose. The Magic Mirror has no green screen technology unlike the Photo Booth but it certainly makes up for it with its glamorous presence.