Why investing in photobooths and
magic mirrors is an excellent
supplement income opportunity

It is becoming commonplace in contemporary times for many people to have a supplement source of income, outside of their regular full-time job. Thanks to technology and a shift towards the ‘gig’ economy, the times of slaving away in 2 jobs to make ends meet are gone, and people are seeking alternative options to earn a little extra cash while having fun.

One of the most lucrative and flexible options for an additional income outside of traditional working hours is investing in a magic mirror or photobooth business.

The demand for magic mirrors and photobooths at celebrations is rising, and many suppliers are struggling to meet the bookings. Many wise people are seeing an opportunity within this industry and are grasping it. The main benefits of setting up and hiring out magic mirrors or photobooths are listed below.


One of the most appealing facets of going into this type of work is the level of freedom available. Hours and hire times are entirely up to the owner’s discretion, and the ability to accept or even decline bookings is the owners choice.

The additional income

As the demand for photobooths and magic mirrors escalates, so does the cost that consumers are willing to pay for premium quality products and excellent services. Turning a profit is no hard feat within this industry, and making money while having fun is a great perk of being in control of your own finances.

Empire options

While it is appealing for most to own a photobooth and magic mirror business and to just operate on weekends, when you are in control of your own destiny, it is possible to scale up.

From hiring employees to investing in more equipment, the options are endless when it comes to growing and increasing the return on investment.

Easy to source customers

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new business is finding customers. Thankfully, many owners of photobooth and magic mirrors are finding the customers are falling into their laps organically. Not only is social media marketing easy (and cheap) to this target demographic, it is easy to gain a customer base through word of mouth marketing as long as your website is presented well and informative.

Not only is the owner on the ground at parties with their product, but they are also face to face with potential new customers who are using and enjoying the photobooth and magic mirrors. The best source of income comes from referrals, and every booking is an opportunity for a referral and to increase the network reach.

Investing in the setup and hire of magic mirrors and photo booths on weekends can be a foolproof business opportunity which eliminates the uncertainty that comes with delving down the daunting path to financial freedom.

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