DIY Baby Shower Photo Booth
Frame | Step By Step Guide

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest joys you can experience in your life to experience the tag of mom-to-be. The past few months have flown by in a flash. It seems like yesterday when you learned you were expecting & today you’re throwing a baby shower. Wouldn’t it be great if the baby shower photo booth frame added an extra special touch to your moment?

How to Make a Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame?

You can make a DIY photo booth frame for a baby shower by following this step-by-step guide.

Measuring The Photo Booth Frame

With a large cardboard piece, start making your photo booth frames. Craft shops usually sell large cardboard pieces. Measure the cardboard and mark the desired size before cutting or turning it.

Guidelines for marking

Measure 51.25 centimeters by 42 centimeters for the DIY baby shower photo booth frame. In order to mark 10.5 centimeters from the bottom of the cardboard, mark 3 centimeters on both the left and right sides of the board starting from the edge. 

To mark the cardboard, use a black marker. A pencil is acceptable, but you won’t be able to see the lines very clearly. 

Making the photo booth frame from cardboard

You should do the following before cutting the cardboard:


Using sandpaper, smooth the edges after cutting has been completed. Since the edges of the sandpaper are sharp, we recommend that you use it. Sharp edges can easily cut your hand if not smoothed. Rub the frame gently with the sandpaper. Excessive rubbing will cause the frame to become unbalanced.


Standing still with cardboard isn’t enough. For a longer lifespan, add strengthening elements. The cardboard needs to be backed with a thermocol sheet. Measure and cut the thermocol sheet to fit the cardboard.

Glue the thermocol sheet to the cardboard with a glue gun. Apply pressure to the sheet. To hide the thermocol, mount another piece of cardboard on the backside. On the edges of the baby shower photo booth frame, paste strips of cardboard after measuring the size.

Decoration of the photo booth frame

The frame can now be decorated. Depending on your preference, you may want to choose to keep the baby shower frame white or colored. Choose an acrylic color if you want to color it. Do not use watercolor because water will weaken it.

You can then write whatever you want on it after you’ve colored it. These are some of the sassy lines that you can write on the frame:

You may want to decorate the frame with stickers of flowers, teddy bears, baby onesie, baby walker, and baby shoes. Wrap ribbon around the sides of the frame matching the theme’s color. 

Decorate your baby shower photo booth frame with some of these ideas

A photo booth frame alone will not turn your baby shower into a rock and roll party. Decorate it with the following ideas;

Onesie curtain for baby shower

A curtain is present in every third house. What if we did something extra? Using different colored papers, cut shapes of baby onesies. Attach the onesies to a thread and leave a gap between them. Your string should be long enough to cover your party’s entrance door. 

Trolley with lollipops for baby shower

An empty table at a party looks boring. Arrange some candies on it creatively. The local market has a dozen or two dozen decorative trolleys you can purchase. Fill the trolleys with foam and stick the lollipops on top. Make sure the lollipops are wrapped in plastic for a more appealing appearance.

Themed Baby Shower Gift Bags

So, you won’t be giving anything to the kids attending your party? That’s not fair. Consider buying gift bags and adding a few gifts to them from the marketplace. Afterward, place the gift bags alongside the trolleys for a more elegant appearance. 

In this situation, you shouldn’t try to do everything yourself. Invite a friend or sister to come with you. Last but not least, capture as many pictures with the baby shower photo booth frame as possible.