5 Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Photo Booth Rental 2021

Meet the team, this is important and ask these questions.  Will it be you that will be doing the event?  Are your staff trained to interact with the customers?  It is important here you lay down the law on what you are to expect from a photobooth provider. Here in an email or on booking […]

How Link building Is Vital For Your Photo booth Website

As the entertainment industry starts to prepare for a comeback, businesses within the hospitality and events sector will be preparing to once again take bookings. If you have a photo booth hire business, preparing and servicing equipment is important but also making sure your marketing and website are where they need to be is paramount […]

running a photo booth business

Photo Booths and Preparing For business

The UK Photo booth industries like many other Industries has been severely affected by the recent pandemic and what makes the situation harder is the absence of a light at the end of the tunnel. Many who have contemplated starting their own photo booth hire company are reluctant to take the last and final steps […]

Why Eva Photography Robot Is A Great Addition To Your Photo Booth Hire Business.

Whilst the entertainment Industry is at a standstill at the moment, when things do improve and events and parties once again get back into full swing, Photo booth Companies will need to think ahead. Although things may get back to semi normal, we will still be living in a new norm for quite some time. […]

Starting A successful Photo Booth Business.

There are many different Photo booths out there and the one you decide to invest in will depend on your personal preference but it also must be based around what is popular in your area and what party hosts are looking for when they are hiring a Photo booth for their event. There was a […]

A New Year For Photo Booth Events.

Events companies and many other industries have taken considerable financial hits since the pandemic broke and things are not back to normal yet,  although next year looks set to be much more promising and whilst things may take a while to get back on track, insiders predict the events industry will come back stronger than […]

Photo Booths Or Magic Mirrors.

With the event market picking up and things looking much more positive for next year, Photo booth hire companies are starting to think about ways to boost a much needed income. Next year is certainly a good time to start thinking about a business in the events Industry and those wanting to start a photo […]

Photo Booth Industry-Preparing For Increased Bookings

The Photo booth industry has certainly suffered over the last few months, as have other Industries.  The market for next year however is certainly looking more positive with new bookings are coming in.  What Photo booth companies need to do now is plan for the future to accommodate the bookings when they do start coming […]

Having The best Photo Booth Hire Packages.

One of the first things a Bride will do when thinking of booking a Photo booth is to look at certain factors including price and what is included in package prices. Many Brides will not only be looking for Photo booth hire but also looking for what else may be included in those packages. Many […]

Photo Booth Industry And The Current Crisis.

Photo Booths are still incredibly popular and although things have not got back to normal in the events Industry, the market is once again starting to pick up as Venue’s reopen and Weddings and Parties are once again being planned. The Photo booth Hire Industry has suffered particularly recently, not only because it is part […]

running a photo booth business

Running A Photo Booth business Successfully.

Photo Booths come in many different shapes and sizes and their functions can vary depending on which Photo Booth Company you purchase from. It’s really important if you are thinking of starting and running a photo booth business to understand what’s important to Party Hosts and what they are looking for in the functionalities when they [...]

Photo Booths And Marketing.

Marketing your Photo Booth effectively is paramount to ensure you are cornering as much of the market as you can.  Your Website is one of the most important tools you have to secure much needed bookings and using the right keywords on your website is the difference between Customers finding you or not. Always make […]

Photo Booth And Magic Mirror Market.

Since the current crisis Companies have had to change and adapt to new circumstances and change the way they do things across all areas of their business. Many sectors have been affected but the entertainment Industry in particular has taken a serious hit. We are living in what many describe as the new norm and […]

starting a campervan photo booth business image featuring yellow wesfalia camper with Magic Mirror photobooth inside

Start A Camper Van Photo Booth Business.

While traditional photo booths 360's and magic mirrors are already hugely popular, investing in a bespoke camper van photo booth enables you to stand out, leave a lasting impression, and attract repeat business. Starting a Camper Van photo booth business or adding one to your existing line-up you will be assured to give your guests [...]

What’s Important When Starting A Photo Booth Business

Starting a Photo Booth business can be incredibly lucrative and it can deliver high profits with very few outgoings.  It’s really important before you start your business however to do your research.   When researching areas you intend to operate in,  its important to know how many Photo booth hire companies are already operating and […]