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Rent a LED Inflatable Photo booth  

Hire the inflatable LED Photo Booth to give your party an extra boost of fun. The photo booth is great for small spaces and our staff will be able to set it up in just a few just a few minutes. It is also possible to illuminate the photo booth by using LED lighting to create […]

Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas Your Guests Will Love

While your photographer will capture numerous beautiful photos on the day of your wedding however, they’ll be focussed on your wedding and your main things happening at the dancing floor. So for everything fun that’s happening behind the scenes, that’s where the wedding photo booth comes in We’re not going anywhere it’s generally something that guests anticipate […]

7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photo Booth Vendors

When setting up your photo booth, it’s important to have a repertoire of questions you can ask your booth suppliers. There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to finding a photo booth vendor – but some questions that are especially important to keep in mind are what type of photo booth […]

How Do Photo Booths can help you market your Business?

If you’re planning an event to increase your brand’s image and create new contacts or collect data from new customers the thing is badly in need of is an interactive photo booth. Photo booths can provide businesses with an innovative and cost-effective marketing possibility, and an opportunity to connect with new audiences through social media. This is […]

5 Reasons to Rent a 360 Photo Booth for Your Event

1. 360 Photo Booths Are A Great Way To Have Fun Regardless of the occasion and regardless of age, people enjoy interacting using 360 photo booths. With the appropriate equipment and the right team the fun-filled experience will make your event more memorable by giving guests the opportunity to express their personalities in the most hilarious […]

10 Best DIY Props For Photo Booth Ideas

The best way to make your party more unique and exciting is to have the best photo booth props for your party if you are looking for some ideas. Avoid investing your hard-earned money in buying products that you will not use. Rather than hiring a professional, make the props yourself at home with the […]

9 Best Ideas for Printable Photo Booth Props

A party is incomplete without props, right? Those who have never tried props at a party are sure to miss out on the real fun. The real fun is not in buying props from the market, but rather in making them yourself. Are you looking for some inexpensive ideas for printable photo booth props that […]

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame for Your Party

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame for Your Party?

Having a customized picture frame for the party is one of the best ways to keep your guests entertained and make sure they have a great time at the party.  We all enjoy posing for pictures in the frames whether the party is for teenagers or adults.  However, the question that folks are asking is […]

How to Make a Cardboard Frame for Photo Booth | Step By Step Guide

In our world, where every aspect of our life is social, and we also like to share our moments of happiness on social media, we live in a social world. It is for this reason that we always take selfies, take pictures, and upload them with beautiful captions. Can anyone guess what you need to [...]
How to Make a Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame

How to Make a Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame?

All we want is to add value to every photo taken at a special event. Now that the world has grown, we have access to some more intelligent techniques and terms to make the pictures perfect. Another great way to make the bridal shower day more memorable and special is by adding a bridal shower […]

DIY Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame | Step By Step Guide

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest joys you can experience in your life to experience the tag of mom-to-be. The past few months have flown by in a flash. It seems like yesterday when you learned you were expecting & today you’re throwing a baby shower. Wouldn’t it be great if the baby shower […]

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How to print photo booth strips at a party?

It's exciting to throw a party for your friends, but it isn't simple. Aside from making all the arrangements, the host must ensure that guests have a wonderful time at their event.   He or she continues to come up with unique ideas to make his party distinctive from others and a night to remember. [...]
How to make a photo booth frame

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame Step-by-Step Procedure

How to make a photo booth frame · If you need to create a backing for your photo….

360 Photo Booth Rage is Here

360 Photo booths for events and parties

How do I setup a Photobooth Company?

As with any business, when you set up a photo booth company, it’s best to start organised and with a clear plan in mind. To ensure the success of your future company, follow these steps: Write a Business Plan – Write down everything involved in setting up your business, including a financial and marketing plan. […]