The Great British Photo Booth!
(How to use your features)

Great British Bake Off

How to use your photo booth features for your events…

Our photo booths are packed with top of the range features for you to use when catering for an event. You can utilise your photo booth settings to give your client the perfect experience. Give your Wedding customers a wedding theme, your Christmas customers a Christmas theme, and so on…

Today (Wednesday) is the day of the Great British Bake Off, so let’s imagine a customer would like this as the theme for their party…

Use the essential photo booth features

All of our photo booths (with both Windows and Mac software) allow you to make the essential customisations and more for your customers.

Photobooth Take Picture Icon

Feature 1: Add a template (also known as a border)

Your templates can be hand made using Photoshop, or alternatively there are companies online whom you can purchase these from. Some of these graphics companies will even create a design bespoke to you. Your Members Area will contain all the information you need to create your own template design using Photoshop. They can be created in two layers (A background behind your photos, and a layer in front)

Templates can be created for both single and multi photo layout, take a look at our Great British Bake Off inspired templates:

Single Layout Template

(Inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Photo Booth Template

Multi Layout Template

(Inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Facial Recognition in the Bake Off Booth
Photobooth Green Screen Icon

Feature 2: Add a green screen background

When your customers are standing inside the photo booth, rather than getting the plain curtain in the background of the shot, transport them to a place of their choice by uploading your own green screen background image. Your green screen photo booth will no doubt wow your customers.

You can upload multiple Green Screen images as backgrounds for your customers to select, take a look at our Great British Bake Off tent in ours!

Single Layout Template with Tent Green Screen

(Inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Green Screen Photo Booth

Multi Layout Template with Tent Green Screen

(Inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Green Screen Photobooths

Feature 3: Add a custom message

You can add your own messages onto all prints, in any font, size, or colour.

This can be done on both Windows and Mac photo booths, both have a simple option to enter text in a text bow and adjust the position of the bow.

We do however recommend that if using Mac photo booth, it is better to save your text in the .png logo file itself rather than typing it.

Ready Stead Bake
Photobooth Facial Recognition Icon

Feature 4: Use Facial Recognition for digital props (Apple Mac Only)

Rather than purchasing props that can be expensive and costly to maintain, make use of Facial Recognition with the Apple Mac software. With our exclusively written software, the photo booth will recognise faces and add graphics to them, either as a full mask, a hat, a beard, or even a moustache. We have set up our templates using: Mask: Mary Berry, Mask: Paul Hollywood

Single Layout Template with Facial Recognition

(Inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Photobooths with Paul Hollywood

Multi Layout Template with Facial Recognition

(Inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Paul Hollywood inside the Photo Booth

Looking to purchase a photo booth? Take a look at our range  or alternatively why not look at purchasing our software?

Any questions? Just get in contact with us!