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Photo Booth Business StartUps

Most Frequent Questions

If you are new to starting a photo booth business, you may have a head full of questions. Here’s a list of our most frequent questions from new photo booth business starters to assist you:

What shall I charge?

Prices for photo booth & Magic Mirror hire vary dependant on location, much like other things in the country, such as house prices. Generally speaking, the more affluent the area, the higher rental prices are. However, the best way to determine what prices to charge is to perform your own market research. See what other people located in a similar area are charging, what their service offers, and how it could compare to yours. You will notice that prices will also vary dependant on how packages are set. Some people may use fixed pricing – a set package for a set price, others may use flexible pricing – an hourly cost plus any extras. Come up with a package that is easy to use for you, whilst also competitive in the market.

Should I price match with others?

You may come across some photo booth traders in the market who offer incredibly low packages. We always recommend not to compete with rock bottom low prices due to the fact that these are usually not sustainable and bad business practice. Stick to the industry standard prices (based on your location market research) and ensure you justify your prices with the benefits of your service. Demand for photo booth hire is high, so try not to feel defeated if a customer is not willing to book due to price.

How do I promote my business without any photo examples?

Photobooths provide member login to a wide range of photos and videos for you to use to start to promote your business. These are there exclusively for you to use to promote your services when you are new and have no previous event examples. Of course, once you have attended your own event, we recommend replacing this media with content of your own.

How much paper and ink will I get through?

An average event sees around 150 photographs taken. Our standard box of paper and ink includes 2 x rolls of 400 prints (A total of 800.) A standard box will usually last a minimum of three events. We suggest attributing £25- £30 per event for media costs. Of course, some events will fluctuate in numbers. Eg: Photos taken on a photo booth by a secondary school prom will most likely be higher than a private birthday party function. Your printer settings will show you how much paper and ink you have left, but always carry a spare box of paper/ink with you to prevent running short just incase!

How much should I pay a photo booth attendant?

There is no “standard” rate of pay for a photo booth attendant. Many photo booth hire companies take a different approach when paying someone to attend with the equipment on an evening. Here are some methods you could consider:
– Pay a fixed amount per event (Eg. £100 per event)
– Pay a percentage of the event (Eg. 20% of the event income)
– Pay an hourly rate (Eg. £10 per hour)
– Pay national minimum wage
– Pay plus commission (Eg. How many extras such as keyrings can the attendant sell)

How to promote a Photo Booth / where to get leads

There are many ways and methods you can market your photo booth or Magic Mirror. The most popular methods are below:

Website (Direct Traffic)
Website (Organic traffic ie Search Engines)
Website (Paid traffic ie Search Engine Ads such as Adwords)
Directories – eg. Yell
Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
Photobooths’ Referral System

Friend recommendations
Guest referrals (at live events)
Supplier recommendations (Hotels, Wedding Venues, Bridal Dress shops etc) including brochure listings
Event company partnerships
Local advertising (eg. Flyer in shop windows / post office)
Newspaper advertising
Magazine advertising (Bridal Magazines)
Exhibitions (Local and National)


Still have some questions? Not sure this is the opportunity for you?

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