Photo Booth Statistics –
On the rise for 2016

Photo Booth Statistics for 2016 so far!

New research conducted by has revealed that the interest and demand for photo booths across the world is on the rise. See infographic for further details.

This year, using 2016 data, it has been calculated that there is on average 226,600 searches on Google search engines a month across the globe for the phrase “photo booth”

In fact, there is on average 19,860 monthly searches for the phrase “photo booth” in the UK alone!

In comparison to last year this is a 48.9% increase in searches, revealing that searches for photo booths have nearly doubled in a space of just one year.

Not only are more people looking for photo booths, they are also sharing their experience with them too.

On Twitter there is a tweet about a photo booth on average every 15 minutes and on Instagram there are more than 2 million posts containing the popular hashtag #photobooth

Even celebrities are using photo booths and increasing the popularity of photo booths across social media.

All in all, it appears photo booths are still becoming evidentially more popular, and demand for them is on the rise!

Sources: Google, Twitter, Instagram

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Photo Booth Inforaphic showing trends and statistics for 2016

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