Photo Booth Trends For The Future

Photo booths are once again back in business but they like many other industries will have to learn to operate slightly different.  Open air photo booths are certainly popular and making a comeback and this style of photo booth in particular allows for more guests in a photo which is always popular. No walls mean much more flexibility when it comes to positioning your photo booth.

Fun images are definitely in fashion and having the ability to create GIF’s certainly brings your pictures to life. Incorporating GIF’s to your photo’s allows you to stand out from the crowd and guests love nothing more than letting their personalities shine.

Backdrops have made a massive comeback, although they have always been a popular accompaniment for the photo booth, they are now actively sought after when party hosts are booking their photo booth hire experience.  With props having to become streamlined and much more minimalistic, backdrops are taking their place and the variations are endless as all photo booths will almost certainly be operating outside for the foreseeable future. Backdrops come in many variations from chalkboards to flowers, the variations available are endless.

Providing unlimited prints is still almost certainly the way to go and photo booth prints make excellent party favors. Guests love nothing more than having at least one photo at the end of the evening and party hosts love nothing more than having an album to take home and look at long after the party has ended.

High tech features are definitely on the menu and TapSnap has taken the photo booth out of the dark ages. TapSnap is an open concept, high entertainment system designed to capitalize on the age of social media.  TapSnap’s software allows guests to modify pictures with a simple touch of a fingertip, guests can draw or write messages including adding digital props.

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