Photobooths complete Tuk Tuk
Photo Booth Conversion

Photobooths complete a second Tuk Tuk Photo Booth conversion this month, converting a brand new battery powered Tuk Tuk Rickshaw into a Photo Booth!

The Tuk Tuk was purchased brand new and imported into the UK by the customers in July. Already, the Tuk Tuk has received a shiny new top up of yellow spray paint.

Photobooths installed the latest photo booth equipment and software inside the Tuk Tuk. The manufacturing team created purpose built steel housing units that could be mounted and secured on to the Tuk Tuk framework to contain all electrical items.

The Canon 1300D DSLR Camera was safely and securely installed within a steel box,  mounted on the Tuk Tuk windscreen framework. The touch screen was built within a steel housing unit attached to the rear of the front seats, to sit directly in front of the rear seats.

All photos taken from onboard the Tuk Tuk can be collected by the branded printing station located outside of the Tuk Tuk containing the Mitsubishi Dye Sub printer.

In case of low lighting, Photobooths also have installed removable fluorescent strip lights, which can be attached or detached to the sides of the roof.

Ride my Tuk Tuk Photo Booth Wedding Hire

The owners of the Tuk Tuk, “Ride my Tuk Tuk” will be providing their shiny new Tuk Tuk Photo booth for rentals at Weddings, Corporate Events and Marketing Promos. Not only will it be a suitable transport method, but also a great photo booth opportunity for all guests. Ride my Tuk Tuk also have a huge range of props and decorative extras to dress the Tuk Tuk further when parked up.

Guests can climb on board this brand new Rickshaw, grab a handful of props and snap a novelty photo.  Using Photobooths’ exclusively developed Windows Photo Booth software, PB Pro, guests have the option of taking a single or multiple photo on a 6×4″ print, both of which can produce a fully branded photo with a custom designed border.

Take a look at some of the photos in the photo gallery below:

Do you have something you would like to get converted into a photo booth? Get in contact with us.

About Ride my Tuk Tuk
So what do these guys actually do? I hear you ask! Well the question is what can’t we do here at Ride My Tuk Tuk!
– Say CHEESE with our Photo Booth service
– POSE next to it as a Prop
– Make an IMPRESSION entering your event
– Ride in STYLE as we drive you around
– Make your brand STAND-OUT with our corporate services
Thinking of anything else you could use a Tuk Tuk for – I’m sure we can accommodate!

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