How to market a photo booth business

Where to advertise:

Your Website 
Your website is the core to getting found and achieving sales. However to be recognised on Google, make sure you include keywords within your website that you would want a user to search and find you from. It’s even better if you make these keywords into headings. Research SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to find out more and see how to implement this into your website.

Eg. If you are seeking a customer in Kenya buying a photo booth. Include the words “Photobooth for sale in Kenya” on your website.

Make sure you avoid copy and pasting sentences that aren’t yours. Google and other search engines will recognise this and give preference to the correct person!

Original, unique content filled with rich keywords wins the race.

Google Adwords
This is the paid section of Google, right at the top of the page. You might know these slots as “sponsored ads”
Using Adwords, you enter a bid price to capture the top spot at the top of Google for a search query. There are different types of variations of words, but make sure you bid on the right ones otherwise you could be wasting your money. To be more specific, put your keywords into brackets like this

eg. [buy photo booth Kenya]

Otherwise, if you just enter words as they are, you could start appearing in searches you do not wan’t

eg. photo booth  (You could pay for a search such as: What year was the photo booth invented?)

You will also want to avoid bidding on keywords that others are bidding highly on. These are usually generic words such as just [photo booths] alone. For every person that bids on a word, the higher the price. Therefore if you find phrases unique to your business, the cheaper it will be!

Social Media
Because the population spends so much time on Social Media, it makes sense to advertise your photo booth where the people are! Facebook is a popular way to advertise your business due to how stream lined you can target your audience. You can literally specify the smallest of locations.

Bear in mind that Social Media is becoming more and more visual, we like to watch videos, look at pictures. You should therefore consider advertising visually with eye catching pictures as supposed to plain text only.

Word of Mouth
Get talking, talk to your normal customers, tell them what you are offering new. You could even make some phone calls to potential new customers who you believe may be interested?

Call, E-mail, Posters, Flyers – The old fashioned marketing method that still works!

What to talk about:

To tackle the ever growing demand of photo booth hire requests, more people are purchasing a photo booth to start their rental business. This section explains all the reasons that makes purchasing a photo booth appealing, and what a potential new business starter would want to know.
Please note: The reasons why a person may buy a photo booth are the same, but how you explain those reasons is down to you!

Increasing Customer Demand

More and more people have things to celebrate, but at the same time wish to capture moments to keep. The photo booth hire market has been growing and growing, and through the evolution of Social Media, more people want to take photos to share and show others!

Here are the popular events where people would require a photo booth:



Baby Showers


Corporate Use Too - Fun & Marketing

As well as the traditional hire customer, photo booths are also appealing to the corporate industry, for both personal usage as well as promotional. Whether they are used for corporate events, or used as a marketing tool for maybe a new product release, the corporate market is smaller in size but offers larger opportunities and bigger profits.

How does it work?

It’s simple
You buy the booth, create a website, promote yourself, get bookings, turn up and please the customers

What are the upfront costs?

There aren’t many. All you need is:
A photo booth
A website
Paper / Ink
Any props

Why is it appealing?

Low costs, quick returns
Few Upfront Costs
Instant Return of Investment
Low Ongoing Costs
Work your own hours
Set your own prices

What work is expected

Work what you’d usually work in one week, spread over ONE MONTH
Advertising your business – Google, Google Adwords, Facebook, Gumtree, Local, Press
Monitoring your website
Dealing with enquiries / Taking Bookings
Hosting events – Setting up the photo booth, monitoring guests, packing up


Still have some questions? Not sure this is the opportunity for you?

Pop into our showroom and we can talk you through all of our products and the opportunities they provide. All visits are free of charge with no obligation to buy.