Photobooth for sale – This week at Photobooths

It’s been a busy week here at Photobooths with no fewer than four of our photobooths for sale leaving our premises in the hands of happy customers, pictures of which you can see below and news of none other than Billie Faiers having one of our booths at her fiancé Greg’s 30th birthday party.

Sales this week

This week we have handed over booths to Shelley and Rob, Randeep and Sandeep, Tian from Unite Photobooths and the team from Bea’s booth. Good luck to you all in the world of photobooths! We’re sure that your booth will serve you well and you will soon be out there helping people create great memories from their parties and events.

New feature

It is also an exciting time for us with the launch of our latest feature on our booths– the launch of fully illuminated photobooths for sale. The new design features LED arrays in the photo booth panels that backlight the whole system giving a whole new look to your booth and event.


To enquire about purchasing on of our new illuminated booths or anything else from our range of photobooth for sale, give our sales team a call 01384 7703 or get in touch using the buttons below.

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