How Much Money Can You Make From a Photo Booth Business?

A report from Global Market Insights revealed that the market for photo booths is expected to reach $1 billion by 2027. Over the last few years, the need for photo booths has been growing steadily, becoming a staple of special occasions. From weddings to corporate parties and other events, they are an incredibly versatile item utilized [...]

Photo Booth Solutions for Hybrid Events

“Hybrid” has become the buzzword in the world of events in 2021. They are everywhere and will remain until 2022. Recent research conducted by more than 120 US and UK organizers of association events revealed that 59% are planning to run hybrid events between 2021 and 2022. 90% of them believe that hybrid events will aid in reaching […]

Help to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business

Help to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business

Today, we live in a world in which beautiful moments are captured in breathtaking clarity with one button click. If you’re among those entrepreneurs who are inspired to start an enterprise for wedding photography, you’re right.  Our professional wedding photography services will help us preserve an event that is among the most memorable occasions in our […]

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The Top Five Photo Booth Business Opportunities

Setting up  a photo booth (or renting one) on a busy city street is among the most appealing methods to earn money for part-time or even to run a full-time business. In the age of smartphones professional photography is not dying. It’s actually booming! Studies suggest that business owners who own a photo booth are […]

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Photo Booth

Photobooth Buying Guide For Anyone Thinking Of Purchasing A Photo Booth Photo booths can be very different therefore it is important to be patient when making the right choice. If you are looking to purchase an image booth, take into consideration these 10 essential points in this photobooth buying guide to take the right choice [...]

Are Spinning Photo Booths Safe? Here’s the Truth

It's not a secret fact that photo booths spinning is absolutely popular with guests; however, are they secure? We review the top alternatives of spinning booths and evaluate the dangers associated with them. What is a Spinning Photo Booth The spinning or 360 photo booth can be the perfect option to show guests the opportunity [...]
Events Ideas to Build Your Photobooth Business

Should I Book a Photobooth for my Event?

Are you trying to make a choice on when to make a booking for a photobooth? You’ve found the right spot.  Here are six reasons why you must employ a photobooth to your next occasion! 1. ICEBREAKER A photobooth is an excellent way to break the ice for guests attending your event that do not know each […]

Photo Booth Business Plan

Photo Booth Business Plan: Expectations vs. Reality

Well, 2021 was a bit of a s**t show wasn’t it! Like the whole events industry, the photo booth industry has been hit hard with the COVID-19 pandemic but with the vaccine just around the corner we can see a glimmer of hope.  We have put together a comprehensive financial business planner for the photo booth […]

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6 Brilliant Events Ideas to Build Your Photobooth Business

We are here to help you in creating memories. The only thing to consider is where the photo booth and you travel? Photo booths make any occasion exciting, thrilling, and unforgettable. There’s a vast world of opportunities! Weddings  Photographing the wedding day can be as classic as your white gown and floral bouquet. Families and guests will be […]

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What exactly is a DSLR Photobooth? Read This

If you’re ready to begin your photo booth business, the following step involves deciding about a photo booth! Suppose you’re looking for something durable and high-end, to last for years when your business grows and is capable of capturing professional images quickly. In that case, you should consider a DSLR photography booth that could be what […]

Are Photo Booths a Good Investment? Truth Revealed

Are you prepared to launch your own company? Have control over your schedule? Take charge of your financial growth? Earn money by making others smile? The photo booth business ticks all the boxes; however, are they an investment worth it? The quick answer? Yes. The long answer is. Yes, yes, yes! Photo booths can be a good investment for a variety of reasons: […]

How Do I Get Photo Booth Clients?

4 Ways to Get Photo Booth Clients Like a Pro

You've taken the leap and begun your own business in the photo booth. What next? Once you've got your equipment, you need to recruit clients. What can I do to get clients for my photo booth? Create a website A website is an excellent site for your business or a photo booth. A website can advertise your business and [...]
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How to Start a Small Photo Booth Business that Works

Do you want to start your own Photobooth business this year? This is the complete guide that helps you begin your own Photobooth business. If you're a photographer and take hundreds of pictures every day to keep your memories secure and share these with family and friends and family, you're not the only one. Last year [...]
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Wedding and Party Photo Booth Hire

Choose from our most sought-after Party Booth with its infamous built-in wind machine, our stunning Magic Mirror with its light up Hollywood frame with red carpet and ropes or our brand new Selfie Streamline Pod, which is modern and stylish and lets your guests print and upload photos to social media, while also capturing moments […]

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Photo Booth Near Me – The Ultimate Solution to Your Needs

If you’re looking for a photo booth near you? , we’ve got just the thing. has been running since 2009, and has sold more than 4000 photo booths worldwide to customers of all sorts and sizes, from individuals starting their first business, to large corporate clients such as the BBC. The photo booth is […]