Increase Your Photo Booth Bookings

When owning a photo booth one of the considerations you should have is “how do I get enquiries?”. A long term strategy you should always undertake is to optimise your website for natural search engines such as google and yahoo. If you have enough knowledge this can be done by yourself, you can use self […]

Photo Booth Predictions For 2021

It’s been a hard year and many business owners would be forgiven for thinking on the negative side but as things start to move again, venue’s open and Party hosts start to think about celebrations once more, Photo booth owners can start to imagine a time when their businesses will once again be active. There […]

Starting A Photo Booth Business

Starting A photo booth business is much the same as starting any other, there are so many things you have to consider and if you do this from the onset, you will save yourself both time and money later on. It’s been a tough time for all businesses but with a slight light at the […]

Photo Booths and Preparing For business

The UK Photo booth industries like many other Industries has been severely affected by the recent pandemic and what makes the situation harder is the absence of a light at the end of the tunnel. Many who have contemplated starting their own photo booth hire company are reluctant to take the last and final steps […]

A New Year For Photo Booth Events.

Events companies and many other industries have taken considerable financial hits since the pandemic broke and things are not back to normal yet,  although next year looks set to be much more promising and whilst things may take a while to get back on track, insiders predict the events industry will come back stronger than […]

Photo Booths Or Magic Mirrors.

With the event market picking up and things looking much more positive for next year, Photo booth hire companies are starting to think about ways to boost a much needed income. Next year is certainly a good time to start thinking about a business in the events Industry and those wanting to start a photo […]

Run A Successful Photo Booth Business

Photo booth hire can be extremely lucrative and if you market your business well and offer good package prices that not only include the standard photo booth hire but incorporate other products too. It’s also incredibly important and vital to have a website and social media presence so not only can you customers find you, […]

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