How To Market Your Table Photobooth – Step by Step

When you are starting out in the business world, it can be hard to know where to start. One of the most important things you can do is build a strong marketing plan and create a strategy for growing your table photobooth business. In this article, we will outline the complete process of marketing your […]

How Much Money Can You Make From a Photo Booth Business?

A report from Global Market Insights revealed that the market for photo booths is expected to reach $1 billion by 2027. Over the last few years, the need for photo booths has been growing steadily, becoming a staple of special occasions. From weddings to corporate parties and other events, they are an incredibly versatile item utilized [...]

Photo Booth Solutions for Hybrid Events

“Hybrid” has become the buzzword in the world of events in 2021. They are everywhere and will remain until 2022. Recent research conducted by more than 120 US and UK organizers of association events revealed that 59% are planning to run hybrid events between 2021 and 2022. 90% of them believe that hybrid events will aid in reaching […]

10 Best DIY Props For Photo Booth Ideas

The best way to make your party more unique and exciting is to have the best photo booth props for your party if you are looking for some ideas. Avoid investing your hard-earned money in buying products that you will not use. Rather than hiring a professional, make the props yourself at home with the […]

9 Best Ideas for Printable Photo Booth Props

A party is incomplete without props, right? Those who have never tried props at a party are sure to miss out on the real fun. The real fun is not in buying props from the market, but rather in making them yourself. Are you looking for some inexpensive ideas for printable photo booth props that […]

How to Make a Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame

How to Make a Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame?

All we want is to add value to every photo taken at a special event. Now that the world has grown, we have access to some more intelligent techniques and terms to make the pictures perfect. Another great way to make the bridal shower day more memorable and special is by adding a bridal shower […]

DIY Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame | Step By Step Guide

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest joys you can experience in your life to experience the tag of mom-to-be. The past few months have flown by in a flash. It seems like yesterday when you learned you were expecting & today you’re throwing a baby shower. Wouldn’t it be great if the baby shower […]

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How to print photo booth strips at a party?

It's exciting to throw a party for your friends, but it isn't simple. Aside from making all the arrangements, the host must ensure that guests have a wonderful time at their event.   He or she continues to come up with unique ideas to make his party distinctive from others and a night to remember. [...]
How to make a photo booth frame

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame Step-by-Step Procedure

How to make a photo booth frame · If you need to create a backing for your photo….

360 Photo Booth Rage is Here

360 Photo booths for events and parties

Why The classic Photo Booth Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

The photo booth has been around for centuries but in an age of Instagram and snapchat you would think the printed photo would be obsolete but latest trends show that party hosts and guests want the original experience of the printed photograph and the album full of memories at the end of the night too. […]

Tips For Creating The best Photo Booth Experience

I think it’s safe to say Photo booths will never go out of fashion and whilst they have certainly changed over the years, the concept remains the same. As the events industry recovers and parties and events once again take place, photo booth hire is at the top of the list for any event.  Whether […]

The Future Of Photo Booths Is Bright

Photo booths are still the life and soul of any party, whether it be a birthday party or wedding, photo booths are still very much in fashion. The last year has been a tough one for hospitality but with things picking up, restrictions lifted and things looking a little more promising,  photo booth companies are […]

Many New Products Will Enter The Photo Booth market

The photo booth is still very much alive and well when it comes to parties and events but it’s been a tough time for everyone in the industry, not only has the event industry practically shut down for well over a year, there has been no certainty when things are going to improve. Hopefully now […]

How Technology Will Affect Photo Booths Going forward

Photo booths are once again very much on the agenda as Parties and weddings prepare to set firm dates. Although we know things will be very different in more ways than one, Photo booths will once again operate and provide entertainment, all be it in a slightly different way. Technology will play a huge role […]